Research and development of RO concentrated water treatment technology

Development of high concentration refractory wastewater treatment system

New catalytic desulfurization of flue gas + low temperature SCR denitrification

Airfoil type FRP axial flow energy-saving fan





Introduction of R & D

         Technological innovation is a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of our company. Group attaches great importance to technology research and development, was founded at the beginning of set up the independent research and development center, has been formed introduction and training of innovative talents, innovative research and development organization management, technological innovation institutionalized management, information management is relatively perfect r&d management system, and has set up a completed including industrial wastewater treatment, air pollution control, the wing type energy saving fan, and other fields of the laboratory. The r&d team is mainly composed of environmental engineering, chemical engineering, machinery and other multi-disciplinary engineering technicians. The r&d backbone is an expert in the industry and has won many national, provincial and municipal science and technology awards.

development mode

The basic research

Technology development

The engineering application

Industrial application